Mars Weddings 0/3000


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How does marriage work?

Upon marrying a miner or a woman on our staking platform, the couple will be locked in until death do them part. This means that we will be locking your NFTs for as long as $OSM is produced, which could be over a year based on current $OSM production and supply. Cost of marriage is 300 $OSM.

What happens after marriage?

A few weeks following a successful marriage (honeymoon), you'll receive a token that secures your place in the upcoming mint. This unrevealed Kids of Mars token can be sold on the secondary market or you can use it to mint a Kid. The Kids will be released in early June and it will cost 200 $OSM to mint one kid.

Kids uses in the ecosystem?

Kids of Mars are vital to the MoM project's future plans. Only Kids will have the power to summon the 700 Semigods, and they're also the only ones capable of growing and taming the Fungobots. Will Kids earn $OSM? Absolutely, and much more!

faq image